National Swine Nutrition Guide

The National Swine Nutrition Guide is a practical publication containing nutrient recommendations and feeding guidelines. The guide consists of nutrition factsheets and diet formulation and evaluation software. The guide was written as a collaboration between university swine nutritionists and swine industry specialists.


The purpose of the guide is to enhance the understanding of practical swine nutrition, feeding principles and related management guidelines.


The guide is available for purchase from the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence, find it in the “Shop” tab in the top navigation.

2010 Steering Committee

  • Duane Reese (chair), University of Nebraska
  • Scott Carter, Oklahoma State University
  • Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University
  • Brian Richert, Purdue University
  • Marcia Shannon, University of Missouri
  • Hans Stein, University of Illinois
  • John Patience, Iowa State University
  • Robert Thaler, South Dakota State University
  • Eric van Heugten, North Carolina State University
  • Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota
  • Ms. Charlotte Kirk Baer (ex-officio), USDA/CSREES


The National Swine Nutrition Guide is now available for order. The cost is $125 and includes the NSNG Book of 35 Swine Nutrition Factsheets, a booklet containing the Nutrient Recommendation Tables, and the Diet Formulation and Evaluation CD. To order the NSNG Package, please click here.

Diet Formulation and Evaluation Software

The NSNG Diet Formulation and Evaluation CD will perform two distinct functions. You can use it to formulate swine diets on a least‐cost basis or evaluate the nutritional adequacy of existing diets. These functions can be applied to diets for sows, breeding boars, nursery pigs, growing‐finishing pigs and replacement gilts and boars.

Click here for the manual of the National Swine Nutrition Guide – Diet Formulation & Evaluation software.

National Swine Nutrition Guide Factsheets

  • National Swine Nutrition Guide Preface, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents
  • Factors Affecting Nutrient Recommendations for Swine
  • Understanding the Nutrient Recommendations in the National Swine Nutrition Guide
  • Energy Sources for Swine Diets
  • Protein and Amino Acid Sources for Swine Diets
  • Trace Minerals and Vitamins for Swine Diets
  • Macro-Minerals for Swine Diets
  • Water Recommendations and Systems for Swine
  • National Swine Nutrition Guide tables on nutrient recommendations, ingredient composition, and use rates
  • Nursery Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Growing-Finishing Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Replacement Gilt and Boar Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Gestating Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Lactating Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Breeding Boar Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management
  • Cull Sow Feeding Management
  • Example Diets for Swine
  • Diet and Health Interactions in Swine
  • Feed Additives for Swine
  • Feed Additives for Swine – Enzymes and Phytase
  • Feed Additives for Swine – Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Feed Additives for Swine – Paylean®
  • Swine Feed and Ingredient Sampling and Analysis
  • Utilization of Weather-Stressed Feedstuffs in Swine Diets
  • Purchasing of High Quality Ingredients for Swine Diets
  • Composition and Usage Rate of Feed Ingredients for Swine Diets
  • Swine Feed Processing and Manufacturing
  • Methods of Supplying Nutrients to Swine
  • Feeding Systems for Swine
  • Feeding for Niche Swine Production
  • Nutritional Effects on Swine Nutrient Excretion and Air Quality
  • Nutritional Effects on Pork Quality in Swine Production
  • By-product feed ingredients for use in swine diets
  • Conversion Factors
  • Index for the National Nutrition Guide