National Swine Reproduction Guide

What is the National Swine Reproduction Guide?

The National Swine Reproduction Guide is a web-based troubleshooting guide on swine reproduction problems. The Reproduction Guide is only available as a web application and easily accessed through personal computer, smart phones and tablets. Its probability makes the guide readily available and convenient for use anywhere.


The troubleshooting and management guide is built in a user-friendly and intuitive format. The reproductive guide contains and incredible amount of information and support of pork producers, including more than 1,000 fact sheets and references.


The decision tree begins with three categories and a search feature. The categories are Problems with Replacement Gilts, Problems with Sows, and Problems with Semen Quality. The reproductive decision tree is designed with an easy-to-use format and navigation. You select one of the above listed categories and then it asks you a series of questions. The decision tree then works through your problem and then comes up with an Answer/Fact sheet for you to read. The new search feature allows you to search the entire Reproduction Guide for your specific question.

Rob Knox, associate professor of animal science at the University of Illinois, says this web-based application will positively impact producers. “The guide will help educate producers by allowing them seek and search for solutions to common problems encountered in the breeding herd,” Knox says. “The troubleshooting guide will take producers through a sequence of steps as they input information about their own farm, and include data about the relevant problem. It will serve as an important tool that can provide insight to solutions for improving breeding herd management and performance.”

The guide was developed by the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence and a panel of authors including:

  • Dr. Don Levis – Lead Author – Retired From University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Dr. Butch Baker – Retired from Iowa State University
  • Dr. Mark Estienne – Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Billy Flowers – North Carolina State University
  • Dr. Mark Knauer – North Carolina State University
  • Dr. Rob Knox – University of Illinois
  • Dr. Tim Safranski – University of Missouri
  • Dr. Wayne Singleton – Retired from Purdue University
  • Dr. Ken Stalder – Iowa State University