Professional Swine Manager

 Do You Want to Increase Your Pork Production Knowledge and Excel Your Career?

The Professional Swine Manager educational program will help you do just that. A career in pork production does not have to stop at the first step. You can continue to learn and grow within the industry by enrolling in Professional Swine Manager courses. The comprehensive work-study program focuses on modern pork production, helping you manage a sow farm and grow-finish units, and enhance your skills in departments within each type of production system. Courses emphasize the science and knowledge that will position you for promotions and allow you to make better decisions as a production manager.

What is the program objective?

Professional Swine Manager is a program to connect pork production knowledge and hands-on application with information acquired for a national certification.

Who should enroll in this program?

The primary audience is current pork production employees who want to enhance their industry knowledge. The secondary audience is current community or technical college students wishing to enter a pork production unit after graduation.

How does this benefit me?

  • Provides a foundation to build a successful career in the pork industry
  • Allows you to acquire the education to become certified as a professional in swine management
  • Gain skills and knowledge needed to excel as a farm manager

What are the courses?

The courses combine online classroom studies and hands-on learning offered by community college instructors who are experienced in pork production. Because the classes are offered online, the Professional Swine Manager curriculum is available nationwide to help you master core competencies.

The Professional Swine Manager courses, which qualify as credit towards and associate’s degree, cover all aspects of swine production and management-level responsibilities. The courses include:

  • Employer/Employee Issues (Spring Semester)
  • Facility Maintenance (Spring Semester)
  • Introduction to U.S. Pork Production (Spring Semester)
  • Agribusiness Internship (Summer Semester)
  • Swine Record Systems (Summer Semester)
  • Breeding Stock Management (Fall Semester)
  • Nursery and Finishing Management (Fall Semester)

The classroom instruction enhances the Professional Swine Manager program’s on-farm learning component where you gain practical, hands-on experience in the barns.


Course Descriptions


Courses are offered through Frank Phillips College in Borger, Texas and South Central College in Mankato, Minnesota.
Register for courses through the Frank Phillips college registration page. For a step-by-step guide of the registration process, logging in and registering for courses, click the Frank Phillips – Professional Swine Manager Registration Guide.
Register for courses through the South Central College registration page. For a step-by-step guide of the registration process, logging in and registering for courses, click the South Central – Professional Swine Manager Registration Guide.

Courses are delivered in partnership with:

Course Instructor Information:

Dr. Byron Housewright

(806) 457-4200 ext. 784

Course Instructor Information:

Pete Neigebauer
(507) 389-7290

For more information contact:

Chelsey Van Genderen

Program Manager
U.S. Pork Center of Excellence