Environmental Quality Research Needs

* Members from universities, allied industries, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations form research 
advisory committees.
* Issues or problem areas within the swine industry are identified and goals are set accordingly.

* Decisions are made regarding what is currently known within each problem area and what needs more attention.

* With competitiveness in mind, optimum facilities and researchers for conducting specified research within problem areas are located and approached.
* Assistance with the sources and allocation of funds for specified research is accomplished.
* Communication is directed between research projects within problem areas for progress monitoring, information     updates, and cooperative support.
* Research findings within each problem area are compiled and distributed. Information distribution is facilitated through  an annual research conference, regional swine schools, and the Pork Information Gateway.

Air Quality & Water Quality

The USPCE works in collaboration with the National Pork Board, researchers, extension specialists, state pork associations, and pork producers from around the nation to define the research needs and extension priorities for areas of concern to the pork industry. To date, Air Quality and Water Quality have been closely examined and specific needs and priorities identified. Within each subject area, priorities have been further detailed within specific topic areas. Those topic areas include:

Air Quality
– Particulate matter, gases and odors

Water Quality
– Swine manure nutrients, manure sediment runoff, manure metals, pathogens, antibiotics and hormones

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