Host Universities – Swine Science Online

Contact any of the following Student Support advisors to enroll in any Swine Science Online Course:


Iowa State University

Casey Smith

North Carolina State University

South Dakota State Universitysdsu-1

Aimee Maher

University of Missouri

Hannah Portwood

Great Plains AG IDEAAgIdea_Logo_CMYK

Amanda Gnadt

Cost per credit in 2018-2019:  $415

(at all participating universities listed above)

What if my university isn’t partnered with AG IDEA?

If your university is not currently partnered with AG IDEA and you would like to take courses you may enroll in courses at any of the universities that are listed above.  You will be able to transfer the credits back to your current university. Since the courses are online you may take them anywhere! The cost of an AG IDEA course is the same at any partnering institution you may enroll at any participating institution for the same price through their distance education department.